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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Holly shit Holiday ^^V

Mid Year School Holiday , Jyeahh , that's right , Hooray !!!! , maybe some of you said that but not me , for me it will boring , stressful and feel SAD ,huhu , I wanna hang out with my friends but have no money in my pockets , haha , balik kampung ??? Errm , I don't think so bcoz ......(secret :P) hakhak , boring lah weh duduk rumah je , mengahadap PC je , walauwei , I want to tell you guys something but I think I'm not ready yet bcoz I have no one to support me , no ne understand me , problems here , problems there , arghhhhhhhhhhhhh , Stress meh -.- , I don't know what to do right now , just sitting lonely in the room and start crying(hehe , kantoi) , Did I make mistakes I mean so big mistakes ? or much bigger than that ? errm , If I did , I wanna to apologies and continue our happy moments like before :)
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